4 Mistakes to Avoid when Choosing Clothes for Your Pooch


Do dogs need clothing? Though this will remain a very controversial question, the truth remains that sometimes dogs need an extra layer of protection on top of their natural fur. The question that people should be asking is what kind of clothes you should buy for your pooch to make them stay comfortable? Choosing the right dog clothes for your dog will reduce their chances of resisting wearing them or running away altogether. It also means that your dog will be comfortable to run around because the garment is not weighing heavily on them or causing heat stroke and irritations.

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Mistakes Many People Make When Choosing Dog Clothes

1.Wrong material

Even though dogs have their own natural fur and they seem comfortable rolling around glass and sand, their skin is still very sensitive.

Most people buy Halloween and Christmas outfits that are made of weird materials that irritate the dog’s skin. You will know the dog is uncomfortable if they keep scratching themselves, running and jumping hysterically or rolling around the dirt. To be on the safe side, always opt for cotton outfits that are soft on the dog’s skin.

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2. Heavy garment

A dog is a very playful and busy animal that doesn’t appreciate being weighed down by anything. Even if it is in the winter and you want them to feel warm, buying a coat that is 10 pounds heavy is torturing the dog. While he may be warm, he can’t run around and play as usual because of the weight. A very heavy coat may also cause heat stroke.

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A beautiful outfit with hanging zippers, hooks and weird parts may look good to you but it’s not good for the dog. Your pooch may decide to eat these appendages and swallow them which is very dangerous. He may also get caught in the zipper or feel irritated by the parts. Choose an outfit that is plain looking with hook and eye closure for safety.

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4. Wrong size

Many people buy outfits for their dogs in absentia, which means that most of the time the coat will be too big or too small. When the

outfit is too small, it restricts the dog from doing what they do best and also restricts blood flow. On the other hand, if it’s too big, the dog will feel uncomfortably weighed down because they don’t know what to do with the hanging material.

Always go with your pooch to the shop so they can be fitted before you buy anything.

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Buying dog clothes is without a doubt an exciting thing. However, keep in mind that your dog needs to be comfortable and free to jump up and down. If the dog doesn’t want to wear the outfit, don’t force him to. You can try positive reinforcement a few times but if he completely refuses it’s better to just let it

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