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Your Dog’s Wardrobe Needs New Clothes

As it is more and more popular to keep a pet, people are no longer content with the traditional raising way. They want to give them more. Therefore, people started to think about dressing up their pets. That’s why pet fashion is becoming prevalent. Here are some fashion tips for you to replace the old

Causes and Solutions of Your Dog Not Eating

As a dog owner, it is such a relieve to see your dog gorging food. At least it is an indication that your dog desires for food for his energetic activities everyday. At least you dog are willing to eat. Once he is found refusing to eat, you need to investigate the causes and look

16 Inspirational Quotes From Cats

1. You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams. 2.It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not. 3.Love is like the wind. You can’t see it but you can feel it. 4.Remember how far

Things You Should Know Before Keeping a Dog

It is no longer news that keeping a dog is more and more popular. The bond and relationship of human beings and their dogs offer mutual consolation. Keeping a pet is one thing you should think about carefully. Are you aware of what it takes to have a dog? Are your family suitable for it?

Fuzzberta, a Little Adorable Thing That Melts Your Heart

Instagram is a place where you find and share interesting stuff. Recently, I accidentally clipped into a page called Fuzzberta. It is an Instagram that shares pictures of Fuzzberta the Guinea pig and her big sister. The blogger dresses up Fuzzberta as many famous characters. This little adorable thing has more than 22k followers on

Things You Should Know About Dogs Living with Babies

Many family keep pets. For those families that have a baby, it is important to realize its potential dangers to their babies. Pets can live happily with your baby if you can take some steps to let them get familiar with each other. There are some tips and dog supplies that assure your baby’s safety

How to Keep Your Dog Safe in Summer

Summer is a good opportunity to take your dog out for interesting outdoor activities. He can get close to the nature and do more exercise. You should pay attention to the heat in summer. It may cause pain and discomfort when it is too hot. Sometimes, it is hard to tell if your dog isn’t

Bonsai, A Little Angel With Only Half A Body

Bonsai, an English Bulldog with only half a body has become the sensation on the internet. Over 11k people like his facebook page. This little buddy was born with half of his spine, no pelvis and malformed rear legs according to the description of his facebook page. Besides, Bonsai was born, what we call, a

Reasons Why You Should Keep a Cat

Recently, I watched a touching movie mainly about a cat and his owner. It reminds me of the scene when I met my cat for the first time. I started to think about the reasons why I chose to keep a cat. Do you still remember the reasons why you keep a cat? Do you