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Dog Body Language: Know What Your Dog is Thinking

Are you new parents of your puppies? Since there are many things you need to learn to be good parents of your dogs, one of an essential skill you should need to learn is, know your dog’s body language. Dogs might not be able to speak, but it can tell you a lot about how

Fish Care: How to Care Your Fish in Spring

Now that weather is becoming warmer, as a fish parent as you, it is the right time to give your fish tank a thoroughly cleaning so that create a new and healthy home for your fish again. And spring is a quite good season to let your fish happy and shine again. If you are

How to Deal with an Anxiety Dog

I believe every dog owner would meet the situation like this: after a long day at work and when you have come home, you came to know from your neighbor that your dog has been driving him/her completely mad with his unvarying barking and howling. Actually, this means that your dog is suffering from separation

Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Fish Aquarium

Spring might easily make fish tank dirty and since winter is not a good time for you to clean the fish tank regularly and thoroughly, March is a right time to let your fish tank have a good thoroughly cleaning. Furthermore, a clean fish aquarium is good for your house’s Feng Shui. Hence, how about

Protect Your Dog from Losing: Smart Electric Dog Fence Shock Collar

We all know dogs like to explore the outside world and when we keep a dog, we have the responsibility to keep them safe and healthy. No one would ever plans to lose a beloved dog but the truth is, every year millions of dogs do get lost. Tragically, millions never are returned to their