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Exceptional Feline Breed: Sphynx Cat

As far as I concern, Sphynx cat is an exceptional feline breed I have never seen before. Maybe you will surprise when you know this cat at the first time, and maybe you think this kind of cat is a little bit scare because Sphynx is not much cute as other feline breed. The biggest

Regular Dog Nutrition: The Importance of Water to Dogs

How important water is to a dog? We do want our dogs live healthy and always pick up nutritious food to our dogs. In fact, water is also the regular nutrition to our dogs but we might neglect this daily nutrient easily. Water is necessary and vital to human as well as dog, hence, apart

Great Lighting for Your Planted Fish Aquarium

Are you going to grow some water plants in your fish tank? To be honest, I think it is a great idea to have some real water plants in a fish aquarium. Because on the one hand, real water plants are vivid and natural decorations; on the other hand, grow real water plants can consume

Tips for Moving Your Fish to Their New Home

I think many of you might pet fish in a fishbowl at home. Fishbowl is a great thing for the new fish owners to know more about your fish and also learn how to pet them better. However, fish need room to swim – would you be happy living in a tiny bowl? The Humane

Fashionable Collars for Your Cat

Cats are so lovely and elegant and as a cat owner, you definitely want to give the best things for your kitten such as cat toys, cat clothing and other cat supplies. The first thing to consider is to let your cat wear a collar. Many people think collar is a pet supplies just for

Cat Care: Several Common Cat Health Problems You Should Know about

As cat parents, we know there is nothing we wouldn’t do for our pets to make sure they are happy and healthy. Unfortunately, even the best pet parents will run into some medical complication with their pets. Hence, to know more about cat’s common health problems, the better prepared you will be able to handle

How Your Dog Shows You Love

We can show our love to our dogs thorough giving them better and new dog supplies and food, play with them, etc. We know how much we love our dogs. However, do you know how your dog shows you her/his love? Recently, I read a report which said that scientists have begun to explore more

Guide of Choosing the Right Dog for You

Dogs are one of the most popular pets people want to pet at home. Are you consider starting to pet a dog? Since bringing a new dog into your life is an important decision and it is also essential that you understand the cost of dog ownership. If you have decided that the time is

Cat Care Essentials

Are you new parents of kittens? It is cat owners’ responsibility to always keep their cats or kittens happy and healthy. Maybe you might think cats are independent, but they still count on you to provide them with food, water, safe shelter, veterinary care, a litter box, love and more. Take care of these essential