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Tips to Stop Parrot from Biting

Parrot is no longer just a bird, but also can be human’s pet. Due to Parrot’s beautiful and brilliant plume, highly intelligent and good learning ability, many pet lovers want to have or already have these birds at home. However, to train a parrot well-behaved will be a little difficult than other pets. And during

Is Your Dog Spoiled?

I believe all the dog lovers and owners will take their lovely dogs as their babies, love them and spoiled them. To be honest, dogs, especially pups, they just have that charming to let us love them and spoil them. However, too much spoil will do harm to your dog and also you. Every dog

Long-Haired Cat Grooming Tips

If you are in the process of choosing a new cat to be your new family member, one of the first breeds in your mind should be a short-haired or a long-haired kitten. Some people will select short-haired cat because this kitty is easy to groom by owners, some people will select long-haired cat because

How to Have Your Dog Hair Cut at Home

Since professional dog grooming services can leave your beloved pooch’s fur looking vibrant and smart, unfortunately, these services can be a little bit expensive, and if you are trying to cut down costs or even if you want a more specified cut, then there is no reason why you cannot brandish the scissors yourself. It

How to Take Care of Female Dog on Heat

Do you have a female dog at home? If so, I believe you will be interested in today’s topic: how to take care of female dog on heat. Female dogs are called bitches. They have their first estrus season heat at around 10 months old. The female will then have a period every four or

Necessary Toy for Hamster

When you started to pet a hamster at home, all you think is to give this little lovely friend a sweet home and let him like the home. Apart from a comfortable cage with food, bed and other pet supplies in it, toys are another part you should think about. What toy will occur in

Dogs Scratching Behavior at Their Beds

There are many odd behaviors dog would have; scratching at bed is just one of these odd things that dogs do often. I believe many dog owners have seen their dogs scratch their beds and turn round and round before lying down. Do you feel curious why do dogs scratch at their beds? There is

Classic Dog Plaid T-shirt

Even though dog are cute all the time, sometimes, to dress up your dog will make him much lovely than ever. Do you think so? Many dog lovers will think it is kind of hard to make dog love clothes. Yes, you are right, when dog wears clothing, he feel like an alien. However, I

Tips for Choosing an Adjustable Dog Harness Vest

Harness vest is a popular dog product, because it can be dog clothing vest and also a harness which can protect dog’s body and act as a collar. Better than a collar, it could be comfortable for both of you and your dog because the leash could just be easily placed at the back of