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Love Your Dog, Give Him or Her a Bed

How to let your dog feel belongingness and insecure? I think crate is not the answer but bed is. For many dogs, crates are just like prisons which can take off their freedom even though many dog owners may think those are house for them. Instead of purchasing a luxury crate for your doggie, bed

Travel Accessory with Your Dog: Pet Seat Cover

Travel with our pets is kind of meaningful and happy because our pets are important buddies in our life. Whether you are driving 10 hours or 15 minutes, taking care of your dog is necessary during the driving time, do you think so? As no matter the driving time is long or short, there is

Essential Dog Care: Brushing Your Dog’s Teeth

Even though dogs don’t get cavities the way humans do, they do get plaque, tartar, ad gingivitis. All of those things can cause foul breath and tooth problems. Since we human can brush our teeth to keep teeth healthy, how about dogs? They rely on you. Poor doggie dental care can lead to dental infections

Choose a Hammock for Your Cat to Enjoy a Day

Cats are picky to choose a comfy spot as their resting home. If you are also looking everywhere for the one spot your cat may crash into, then a cat hammock could be what you need. As a matter of fact that on the market, enormous selections of pet hammock may get you in dilemma

Train Your Dog to Stop Biting on Leash

Almost all the dog owners will counter a situation of your new pups: when you try to walk him/her with a leash at the very first, he/she will bite the leash. Since pups have sharp teeth, they only need a few hours to break the leash. Why dogs bite leashes? This kind of dog stuff

Why Cats are Crazy for Catnip?

If you are a cat owner, there is a thing you must know if you want to train your cat – catnip. If that a kind of food and why cats are so crazy about it? In fact, catnip also known as catmint and catswort which is an herb plant belongs to the mint family.

New Flashing Collar Tag for Your Pet

I believe every dog owner want their dog smarter and become a star on their block, so do me. However, there are many methods to let your dog become a little star on the street. Dress dog up with clothes is just one way to make him trendy; while collar is another way that makes

Tips for Trimming Your Dog’s Nails

When we give our dog grooming at home, I think many of us will think that trimming dog’s nails is the most difficult part of the whole grooming stuff. We cannot ignore this nail-trimming part, because if dog’s nails get too long, they can break or hurt doggie’s paws which will be painful and sometimes

Bathing Your Parrot

New parrot owners usually wonder is it necessary to bathe bird and have questions about the proper ways to bathe their parrots. In fact, parrots have beautiful feathers and they can also preening themselves to keep clean. Talk about the necessity of bathing parrot, in fact, it is just up to you. There is a