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New Cat Toy: Glove Kitten Teaser

What are the differences between keeping a dog and keeping a cat at your house? Recently, I read a funny article about those differences and I am so agree with the author. In fact, the differences between dog and cat are obvious. Here are some examples showing the divergence of dog and cat. Dog bites

Winter Classical Dog Hoodie

Even though it is still autumn, fashion always heads advance to give us the guide on how to dress up, what the trend is in this year. As a dog lover, I focus on the fashion of dog more than for myself. I’d like to say, to pick my dog good and pretty clothes is

Submersible Air Pump for Fish

Even though fishes do not have lungs, they get their oxygen from the water by their own way to live in. They use their ‘lungs’ to get oxygen from the air, so the oxygen in the water that fishes absorb is called dissolved oxygen. As we all know, air has 21 percent oxygen while oxygen