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Play with Your Dog

Dogs – particularly puppies and young dogs – are full of energy, and if they do not get the chance to burn it off, destructive behavior will appear to the result. The best way you can do is to play with your dog. Actually, it is very easy for us to play with our puppies,

How to Stop Your Cat from Scratching Furniture

Even though your kitten is so sweet and cute, once when she starts scratching furniture, you will consider she is a naughty girl. As you think, clawing off furniture and other household furnishings, rugs, and objects are destructive behavior. Yet, from the cat’s point of view, it’s a natural behavior that following a biological need

Does Your Dog Have Health Teeth?

Do you think your dog’s teeth are so strong that you have no worry about his/her teeth health? That is so wrong if you really agree with it. As omnivores as dog, they need a variety of specialized teeth to eat the different types of foods in their varied diets. Normally, puppies have 28 teeth

Know More about Parrot

With an estimated 11 million birds living as pets within America, parrots are now thought to be the fourth most common household pets after dogs, cats, and fish. Actually, parrots can be amazing companion animals. They are highly trainable which can be cuddly and affectionate. And if treated correctly they will form very strong bonds

New Members in!

Since you are no longer a rookie in keeping fish, have you ever considered getting some new members to live in you fish aquarium home? As you have already mastered the essential acknowledge of fish, how about picking some fish to reinforce your aquarium? Normally, many people will choose mature fish to keep for easier

Your Kitty Could be Benefit form a More Healthy Lifestyle

All cats require routine feed and dental care to stay fit. Don’t be surprised, as we all know, obesity is a very terrible disease which can also happen to pets, like your sweet kitty, if you do not pay attention on your cat, she will get fat easily. Once your cat gets weight, she will

How to Keep Your Aquarium Clean

Since aquarium is fish’s home in which they play, eat, poop and sleep. So, water in aquarium may be muddy fast. Especially, if your aquarium faces directly the sunshine, there may show some algae on the fish tank’s glass. You may wonder that why the fish aquarium gets dirty so quickly, particularly in summer. But

Artificial Plant Can also Be A Good Choice for Your Aquarium

Have you tried to place some water plants in your fish tank so that to let the fish feel like living in a natural environment? Actually, laying some aqua plants in the aquarium is a good idea as they help make water tank more real and lively, however, it is not as easy as you

Let Your Pets Have Their Own Paradise

Do you keep pets like: turtles, frogs, newts or salamanders? They are so special and cute. Once when you realize they are your family members, you really want to give them a sweet home which can let them live happy and comfortable. As far as I am concerned, aquarium matters the most. If you still